The Soulful Alchemy of Beauty and Nature with Shiva Rose
Embracing Wellness, Authenticity and the Power of the Earth.

Embracing Wellness, Authenticity and the Power of the Earth.

Shiva Rose

I feel when I’m connected to the Earths rhythm, and therefore my authentic rhythm, I can hear my intuition more clearly. I also am led by the beauty way, and in reverence to the goddess within.


Q: Your transition from actress to holistic lifestyle and beauty brand founder is truly inspiring. Could you share the pivotal moment that led you to embrace this more natural and holistic way of life?

I feel that my health journey led me to a whole different way of being, which was in retrospect actually a blessing. After being diagnosed with autoimmune issues at the age of 26 I had to find ways to heal that were unconventional. This was the 90s so pre internet- I had to research in libraries and seek modalities not quite popular yet. There have been many pivotal moments. One of the most was after getting a divorce, and realizing I didn’t want to be an actress any longer, I went back to living in harmony with the earth. I began documenting this with my blog The Local rose. This was pre goop era and I didn’t have many followers, but as I kept committed to holistic well being more and more people wanted to heal. That eventually led to creating my non toxic skin care brand Shiva Rose 🌹 I also was blessed to publish my book Whole Beauty on my journey which encompasses all the modalities like: working with crystals, kundalini yoga, eating organically, making my home non toxic, adding beauty rituals to my daily life.

Q: Your story resonates with resilience, transformation, and the power of the divine feminine. How has this connection influenced your approach to beauty, wellness, and living authentically?

I feel when I’m connected to the Earths rhythm, and therefore my authentic rhythm, I can hear my intuition more clearly. I also am led by the beauty way, and in reverence to the goddess within. This came from my connection to kundalini, prayer, clearing my body of parasites, decalcifying my pineal gland, and being close to the land.

Q: In your book "Whole Beauty," you emphasize the importance of nourishing not just the body, but also the soul and spirit. How do you embody this philosophy in your daily life and in the products you develop?

I feel today more than ever we must seek out ways to detox our bodies. When you realize that mainstream water and food are bio weapons, you realize you must create your own niche in a toxic world. My products are all non toxic and nourish the skin and body within the Ayurvedic ways.

Q: You advocate for beauty rituals as a profound form of self-care and mindfulness. Could you share a favorite ritual that our readers might easily incorporate into their daily routines?

I wake up at dawn, I sit in silence and drink my tea. This is a time to ground in and connect with my spirit. I also love to have a clearing bath in the evening with various salts and herbs from the garden like rosemary and thyme. I pray to my guides daily and I try to get a kundalini set in.

Q: Transitioning from the lush Santa Monica Mountains to Texas marks a significant change in your life. What inspired this journey, and how has the change of environment and lifestyle impacted you?

I came to rural Texas hill country for love and freedom. I met a Texan and we bought land to cultivate together right before Covid. Once I realized it was more than “two weeks to flatten the curve”, I felt the Need to leave California sooner than planned for a more spacious land. It has been both beautiful and challenging. Weather, wild creatures- being away from daily comforts this has made me grow tremendously.

Q: Who or what are your biggest inspirations in maintaining a balanced, eco-conscious lifestyle?

Mother Earth is my greatest inspiration.

Q:  Building a holistic lifestyle and a business that aligns with such values presents unique challenges. Could you share a significant obstacle you've encountered on this journey and how you navigated through it?

Oh my stars. I am a creative being so the business aspect hasn’t been easy at times. I would say, if you are a creative, seek out someone with the other elements to help out. Also it’s becoming more challenging and expensive to source high vibrational clean ingredients. Some of the farms I used to work with are struggling- however on a positive note more farms are being created. When I started there was only a handful of chic clean beauty lines. Today the market is saturated. I do though try not to listen to outside noise, and seek to create items I would want for myself. I also love the story telling aspect of a product. I like to link some items to old, beautiful myths like my Ondine Breast Oil and Fata Morgana Barrier Cream

Q: Of the wonderful products you've created, do you have a personal favorite? What makes this product especially meaningful to you?

My Golden Sol Body Butter is coming back in stock and it’s heaven with healing frankincense. It’s like liquid gold for the body. I also love the always popular Glow Face Balm and Pearl Milk Cleanser 🌹 I recently created an herbal tincture, Womb Whisperer  with some dear sisters as well.

Q: Looking forward, are there any projects or endeavors that you're particularly excited about? How do you envision the future for Shiva Rose Beauty and The Local Rose?

I’m so happy to launch a course on women and water 💧 this is launching in a month I hope. It’s all about waterways in our bodies and how to stay soft, fluid, sensual and healthy.

Yes I feel I’m at a crossroads- I either want to take my beauty line to another level or go even more niche and artisanal. I will be guided and then know more...

Q: For our readers keen on exploring your holistic beauty and wellness world further, where can they find you and possibly connect personally?

Thank you so much for seeing me. I’m on Instagram on @localrose and @shivarosebeauty My book is Whole Beauty. My online courses such as the Moon Course, Whole Health, and upcoming Water Ways are live on my blog. You can also reach them on my bio on insta.