Non-Toxic, Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Men & Women
Stay Fresh Naturally with these non-toxic deodorants that are kind to your body and the planet.
  1. Living Libations

    Living Libations' Poetic Pits Rose deodorant brings a touch of floral elegance to your daily hygiene. Their entirely natural ingredient list ensures that your skin stays fresh without exposure to toxins or aluminum.

  2. Agent Nateur

    Agent Nateur’s newly reformulated deodorant is aluminum-free and baking-soda free, perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Enhanced with nature's ultimate antiperspirant and Cleavers Extract, it effectively minimizes sweat and odor. Plus, it rubs on clear, leaving no stains.

  3. O’deo

    O’deo's natural deodorant spray offers a convenient and quick application method. The non-toxic formula ensures that you stay fresh while treating your body kindly.

  4. Primally Pure

    Primally Pure’s Vanilla Citrus Deodorant provides a delicious scent experience combined with non-toxic, aluminum-free ingredients. It’s a little daily luxury that aligns perfectly with a lifestyle of conscious consumption.

  5. Jack Henry

    Jack Henry is specifically designed for men who appreciate minimalist skincare. Using the fewest ingredients possible without sacrificing effectiveness, this deodorant is an excellent choice for men.

  6. Cleo Coco

    Cleo Coco’s formula aims to neutralize odor naturally, offering a great addition to a toxin-free personal care routine.

Note: While the information in this article is meant to be informative, they are simply opinions and we always recommend consulting with your personal practitioners, doctors & guides.