The Life Design Protocol is a custom multi-page document outlining wellness, lifestyle, and design recommendations curated for you to build the foundation for a balanced life.


Our journey begins with an initial consultation where we will delve into your current lifestyle, health, and interests.


During our introduction call we will map out areas of your life where you’d like to see improvement and together we will choose which offerings will be included in your Life Design Protocol.


After the meeting, you will personally select elements that hold meaning to you and inspire you as a starting point for the design process.


Each Life Design is customized for the individual and therefore no two protocols are alike. Some require additional calls which provide the foundation needed to bring together all of the elements for your protocol.


Our final time together will be culminated in a review of your custom Life Design Protocol that you can bring home feeling confident in your new lifestyle choices.

Wellness Suggestions

Supplements, herbs, tinctures and other apothecary items to add to your medicinal cabinets.

Ritual Recommendations

Light habitual guides to implement throughout your daily life.

Practitioner Pairings

Suggestions for holistic health practitioners that would be the best fit for you and your current needs.

Detox Support

Restorative recommendations to aid you in your detox journey or to help you with where to begin.

Nutritional Replacements

Food suggestions to replace your families favorites with alternatives that fit a conscious lifestyle within your dietary parameters.  

Clean Living Items

Product replacements for your current household items such as cleaning supplies, detergents, soaps, etc. This can also include personal care products and kitchen items. 

Skincare Swaps

Upgrading your current skin and makeup routine to include clean, non-toxic swaps that fit within your daily schedule and habits.

Energy Modalities 

A look into your numbers and signs from the ancient & modern modalities that call to you. Including Human Design, Numerology, Feng Shui, and Astrology. 

Interior Design Elements

Eco-conscious home item recommendations to update your current spaces. This can also include at-home wellness therapies.

Individual Room Makeovers

A customized eco-conscious, non-toxic design for an individual room. Please specify if you would like to add additional rooms or whole house design for an accurate quote.


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