Making conscious choices in how we live and what we surround ourselves with can be the difference of thriving or just surviving. The spaces we live in are not only outside ourselves but are also within us.

Honoring the
Mind, Body, Spirit

Being healthy is usually associated with diet and exercise routine. Going through the day-to-day motions of life, we often feel like we’re making healthy choices, but aren’t in touch with our true needs. When we connect with our entire well-being—physical, emotional, and spiritual—we can begin to uncover what health means to us and in turn create the spaces, habits, and choices that support our holistic wellness.

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starts with you

We all have the ability to start anew. From the cells in our bodies to the soil on the Earth, everything has a cycle of birth to death and then rebirth. This is regeneration. Our lifestyles and surroundings can affect the body’s ability to heal as well as the planet’s. If we take care of ourselves, we will in turn make choices that take care of Mother Earth.

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Our modern world has made us first and foremost consumers. From what we eat to what we wear to what we sleep on, we are constantly making choices to consume. How we make those choices can impact both our own health and the health of the world. Knowing where the items in our lives are coming from, who we are supporting, and what we are contributing to gives us an understanding and respect for the process and people behind it.

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Ale Lanae Bloom is an artist and designer passionate about curating conscious lifestyles and living spaces. After becoming chronically ill in her twenties with no answers from allopathic medicine, she began a healing journey that forced her to drastically change her lifestyle and home in order to truly live again.

From make-up, to jewelry, to interiors, design has always been a part of Ale’s life and career. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from the University of Arizona and founded the eco-conscious fine jewelry line Lane & Lanae. During this time of creativity, she was also burdened with sickness. The brand worn by celebrities, influencers and clientele around the world was not sustainable for her body, mind and spirit. As she found holistic practitioners and modalities that supported her healing process, she simultaneously began creating a new way of life and designing a healthier living space.

Through one-on-one lifestyle consultations as well as in depth life design services, Ale combines years of experience and research in clean living with her eco-conscious design expertise and innate intuition to help people in creating balanced spaces that reflect and enhance their overall wellness. Ale also brings this unique perspective into real estate investment and development, building and designing custom spaces that honor her purpose.

I bridge the path between mind, body & spirit
so we can all come into balance and live in peace.