The Best Candles for a Non-Toxic Home
Illuminate your sanctuary with waxes, oils and wicks that prioritize health and sustainability.
  1. June Bug Candle Co

    Transform your sanctuary with June Bug's beeswax candles, the only candles that emit light along the same spectrum as the sun. As they burn, they release a natural, sweet honey aroma that not only elevates your senses but also purifies the air. These candles are a great non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-carcinogenic pathway to a balanced and harmonious living space.

  2. Shiva Rose Candle

    To elevate your home ambiance and connect with the divine feminine, Shiva Rose's Rosewood Vanilla Candle is my go-to. Handcrafted with natural coconut wax and a lead-free cotton wick, this candle transcends the ordinary. The blend of refined roses, wild agarwood, and a whisper of vanilla creates an atmosphere that is both ethereal and grounding. The rose properties in particular resonate with the energy of the divine feminine, making it the perfect candle for moments of self-care and spiritual connection.

  3. Among the Flowers

    Lighting an Among the Flowers artisan candle brings a touch of wilderness into the home. Their commitment to purity and sustainability is evident in every flicker and scent. The soy wax base and unique aromas create a tranquil atmosphere that feels like a gentle embrace from nature.

  4. Primally Pure

    Primally Pure candles are the perfect companions for moments of meditation and relaxation. The simplicity and purity, with tallow from grass-fed cows and essential oils, provide a clean and holistic experience. There’s something genuinely calming about lighting one of these candles and letting the natural balance infuse the space.

  5. Summer Solace

    Summer Solace crafts their candles with sustainably harvested beeswax and organic coconut oil, offering a comforting, subtle aroma. It has a long-lasting burn and I appreciate the homage these candles pay to the beauty and richness of nature.

  6. Agridime

    Agridime’s eco-friendly candles are a testament to harmonious and responsible living. The blend of natural ingredients provides a soothing and invigorating ambiance. It’s an important reminder of the importance of quality in the little choices we make for our homes.

Note: While the information in this article is meant to be informative, they are simply opinions and we always recommend consulting with your personal practitioners, doctors & guides.