Art and Soul Mastery with Cristian Jose Eterovic
Energy healing art with natural minerals and crystals.

Energy healing art with natural minerals and crystals.

Cristian Jose Eterovic

The answers may all be found in nature,
you just have to look.

Q: The healing and protective energy of gems and crystals are central to your work. Can you elaborate on how you envision your art as a tool for healing and spiritual well-being?

The journey started on my shamanic trips to the Sacred Valley in Peru. As I would go to Pisac, a small town in the Andes, my curiosity for stones and crystals blossomed. I would bring more and more gems and crystals home with me. Eventually, the artist and the flourishing healer in me sought to engage in these two disciplines more, and that led to the artwork I do today. I began eventually putting the stones in portal formations, and that was the beginning for me.

Q: Your travels seem to play a significant role in your art. Can you share how these experiences in different cultures, especially in places like Peru, have shaped your artistic vision?

Starting in Argentina, where I'm from, travel has always been a part of me. I come from a multicultural family from at least three continents. It is a big part of my life to experience different cultures, enriching my artistic and spiritual vocabulary at the same time. It comes naturally to me to immerse myself in the colors, tastes, and sounds from around the world. I love to explore the different essences that are uniquely a part of the world that I visit, like in Peru the colors and textures are very seductive. I thrive in the exploration of new things.

Q: Can you describe the process of how you create custom pieces for clients and collectors? How and why do you choose the stones and crystals used in each piece?

There must be an intention. I love to initiate a dialogue with my clients so that I can feel a connection and build on it from there. I will talk about different things to get a sense of what we want the artwork to help them achieve. I look for crystals that are pertinent to the energies that are beneficial in bringing about a desired harmony or intention. The aesthetic evolves from the materials that are picked for the given art piece. Shapes and sizes of the artwork start to evolve naturally from the palette that was chosen for the artwork. The key is to find the right stones with the energies.


Q: Can you share a bit about the materials you work with, from the unique wood boards you Design each Portal on, to the non-toxic natural plant based adhesives?

A lot of work goes into preparing the surface upon which the crystals are set. I mostly like birch wood for the background, which is a lighter material and more environmentally sustainable. I make a textured surface with burlap, plaster of Paris, and shungite powder, and other minerals onto the wood panel. Then I use natural pigments to try to decorate the surface with hues that are complementary in nature and to the crystals. I try to keep my selection of materials as natural as possible.

Q: When envisioning a piece, how do you imagine it interacting with the space it will inhabit, and what do you hope it brings to that environment?

In addressing a new piece for a client, I try to make an intuitive connection with the person in order to create a piece that will be most satisfying to them. I may want a photo of the place where the artwork will hang to help me bring about something that will work in harmony with the given setting. I like to keep a decorative eye for the piece in the place it's going to hang as much as possible.

Q: You listen to diverse music forms like Icaros and Mantras while creating. How does this music influence the creative process and the energy of your artwork?

I love listening to music and sounds from around the world. More than influencing my work, I find that listening to music is like a guiding light. Icaros, in particular, have wonderful healing properties that help me achieve an elevated state where I can download the information with the intention needed for the artwork at hand. Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo music and many others are some of my favorites. Music is key in guiding me through the creative process, and I enjoy it very much as well.


Q: With Shamanism playing a key role in your recent works, how do you feel these ancient practices contribute to the holistic energy of your creations?

I feel that shamanism, in general, has an ancient history with humans. We have in our modern culture lost a lot of these traditions. Our cities have further isolated people from our original foundation of community and the ability to have the closeness with nature and the earth elements in healing one another. My endeavor in life is to seek out and learn from the people that still hold these practices for my own expansion and to put it to good use in my work as an artist.

Q: In your work, you surrender and manifest an intention for each piece. How do you see this process as a balance between personal spiritual practice and artistic expression?

Both spiritual practice and artistic expression come to me naturally. I believe that nature is the most accomplished artist and spiritual healer from which to draw inspiration. So, it is really a dance between the two that I use to enrich my journey when creating an art piece. There is room for both to instruct and lead me into the finished artwork. It is an act of accepting and surrendering to nature and the spirit of the work that I'm creating at that moment.

Q: Your connection with the Earth and its energies is profound. How do you hope your art inspires others to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature and their own inner balance!

To bring the elements of nature on a wall and in a gallery, or in a home setting is a way in which I can bring nature to the everyday so that people can appreciate the beauty that nature brings to us. The crystals are exposed and celebrated in unique patterns and configurations which further enhance the special energies and convey a unique artistic expression. I hope that people will be inspired by these pieces and celebrate nature with me.

Q: Where can we find you, your art, and information?

I would love for everyone to check my website or please email me for questions or information at