Simple Honey & Rose
Face Mask Recipe
This sweet scented mask will not only balance redness & tone but it is also rich in anti-bacterial benefits for your skin.
 I love this mask, it is my go-to weekly ritual. I usually soak in the tub with this on while I meditate and clear any unwanted energies out with the tub water. It is easy to make and my skin feels so clear and hydrated when I wash it off. The smell is divine!



In a small bowl, place Anima Mundi Rose Powder & Activist Manuka Honey Mask. Start to mix these two together with a wood spoon or natural face brush. Slowly add in rose water and thin to desired, spreadable consistency. This recipe makes enough to paint your face, neck & chest. I suggest you wear this mixture for about 10-20 minutes, then wash off with warm water.