Bee Rose, the Heart Behind H is For Love

Transform your Daily Rituals with ‘Farm to Face’ Skincare

Transform your Daily Rituals with ‘Farm to Face’ Skincare

Bee Rose

In a world of disconnection our mission is to connect you back to yourself. That healing has a ripple effect with the power to change the world. It starts with you. Nature is enough.

Q: Could you share with us the moment you felt inspired to create H is For Love? What was the turning point that led you to this path?

When I look back, it really started with discovering the importance of clean food. Our food system is broken, and, unfortunately, that broken system, along with the toxic chemicals we're exposed to, has made a lot of people sick. I became fascinated with healing a gut issue through food, and from there, I learned that the soil also has a microbiome! I dove deep into learning about the soil and the importance of buying from farmers who tend to the health of their soil before they plant. I was able to heal a gut issue through food, and once I did that, I began to look at products in the home. So many were toxic! I cleaned up those products and then looked at fibers, which have many fire retardants that off-gas. When I was able, I took time to replace those with organic materials. The last thing I looked at was my skincare and makeup, and that’s when I discovered the term ‘greenwashing.’ I threw everything out, and, armed with the confidence I’d gained over the last few years in the kitchen, and with an arsenal of conscious farmers at my fingertips, I started learning to formulate my own skincare. I discovered that not only do the soil and the gut have a microbiome, but the skin does as well! I was hooked and spent several years delving into the art of formulation and ethical sourcing of ingredients.

Q: How do you think your personal journey and experiences have shaped the ethos and products of H is For Love?

Oh gosh, I could really get into this answer because I’m in my 40s now, and when you hit your 40s, you really look at your life. You get curious: ‘How did I get here?’ and you start to peel back the layers. Everything I’ve experienced in my life informs how I do business. Authenticity is the most important thing to me, and I hope people can feel that when I post or answer emails. So many are going through life on autopilot. I see them everywhere, every day, and then every once in a while, I meet someone's eyes, and I can tell they are a fellow traveler who is present and able to connect. I pour my love, my integrity, and my energy into how we source, mix, bottle, package, and ship our products. H is about connection. It’s so much more than skincare; it is LOVE that vibrates at one of the highest frequencies. You can actually feel it in the products, and the efficacy of our products is a testament to the farmers who honor their craft above all else.

Q: In the realm of holistic skincare, what do you believe sets H is For Love apart, especially in terms of your relationship with customers and community?

Ha! I love that I basically answered this question above, but I will add to it that I like to consider myself the Nordstrom of skincare lines. Or, what Nordstrom used to be :) I care so much about customer service. I want the experience of shopping with us, communicating with us, receiving your orders, and using H to be something that ignites a passion for taking care of YOU. I want our customers to awaken to the magic of their own touch and love, and for that to have a ripple effect in their lives. How we care for our customers is a blueprint for how I hope our customers care for themselves.


Q: I love how you phrase your products as ‘farm to face.’ Can you elaborate on how this approach influences the formulation of your products, from research to sourcing?

Oh yes, this is so important. I’m a big fan of gut health, as I mentioned before, and there is something Zach Bush says about this that I love. He founded Ion Biome, which is a gut health brand, and he’s a brilliant resource and an MD who I believe had an awakening when studying cancer cells… anyway, he said in a podcast once, something to the effect of two bunches of kale looking identical. They have the same color, crispness, and, for all intents and purposes, to the naked eye, they are the same. However, one can be teeming with bioavailable nutrient density, while the other has the nutrient value of cardboard. I tell this story because two ingredient decks can read exactly the same. Both can be certified organic with the same ingredients listed on the label. To even a naturalist skilled at reading labels, it would be easy to assume these two products would do the same thing. However, this is not at all the case. If you don’t know the standard by which your chosen brand sources, you could be holding a bottle where the oils within were harvested at the wrong time or stored in conditions that allowed the oils to go rancid. You get the idea. I don’t like to linger on the negative. Let’s say, in the best case, the oils are just not fresh. But the product that has ingredients sourced from farmers who tend to the health of their soil; who harvest at peak potency, dry gently in the shade, press fresh and without heat; the product made with ingredients handled with care and made fresh is going to nourish and provide a whole other level of efficacy, there is just no comparison. H is the latter.

Q: Could you tell us about a personal skincare ritual or product that has a special meaning, significance, or profound impact for you?

I read this question and said out loud, “Oh boy.” This is like picking a favorite child, you know that, right? Each of our products has deep significance for me. Each formulation took me on a journey where I was led to what was right, and honestly, I know it might sound woo-woo, but it was spiritual for me. I do think when you’re living your soul purpose, it’s spiritual. I’m also pretty woo-woo. So, if I had to choose one, it would be BARA. BARA means ‘to create from nothing’ in Hebrew and ‘rose’ in Japanese. Like many of our products, the base of this facial balm comes from oils infused by the sun for 6-8 weeks with healing herbs. BARA contains marshmallow root, lemon balm, chamomile, calendula, golden jojoba, tamanu, sea buckthorn, frankincense, rose, and more. It is in a class of its own. It is famous; it has a cult following. People who have experienced BARA won’t be without it. It speeds wound healing, fades scar tissue, and is the ultimate moisturizer. It took me many trials and errors to get the formula right years ago, and once I did, I knew it was a gift from beyond. BARA will make you a believer.

Q: Can you explain the significance behind your brand name ‘H is For Love'?

Yes! H is actually representative of the number 3. If you look to nature, 3 is everywhere. From the soil to the galaxies, 3 is this dominant number. It represents perfect balance as well. It’s almost as though the great creator left their fingerprint for us to find. They say God is love (whatever you envision God to be). H IS FOR LOVE is my way of giving a nod to the divine as it reveals itself to us through the natural world.

Q: What has been the most unexpected challenge you've faced in the journey of building a natural skincare brand, and how did you address it?

Just like our personal growth, businesses experience ups and downs. The ticket is to be tender and gentle during hard times, resisting fear, reactivity, or judgment. This allows the growth (which is never linear) to happen organically. It’s been a wild ride, and I love every moment of it.


Q: Looking towards the future, what new developments or aspirations do you have for H is For Love?

I would like to grow. I’ve been pulling back the reins because we are a small team, and growth often means more consideration of the bottom line, more voices at the helm, etc. I’ve never accepted investors or silent partners because of this, but as we move into this new season, I am curious where H can go. Most important to me will always be the connection with our customers. They are the best people in the world, truly. They get how special H is. I would like H to reach more people but only if we can stay who we are at our core.

Q: For those who are new to H is For Love, what would you recommend as a starting point in exploring your product range?

For those who aren’t sure about ‘natural’ skincare, try POLLEN Illuminating Mist! For those who think they can’t use oils on their skin, try NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil. If you want something to pack a punch and show you what natural can do, try PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask. Any of our soaps, body products, lippies…BARA BALM. Honestly, every single product in the line is there because it is the best. We are a minimalist line of skincare where each product serves multiple purposes, versus a skincare product for every skin type. In fact, we are the only line that claims to bring every skin type into balance. Our oils and balms have base ingredients high in linoleic acid, so none of our products will ever clog pores. They nourish and satisfy, bringing oily skin and dry skin back to a balanced state.

Q: For those who are eager to learn more and explore H is For Love, could you share where they can find you, your products, and more information about your holistic approach to skincare?

Order online on our website. You can find our wonderful retailers here. Follow me on Instagram and you can reach me personally over email at
I love connecting with people and answering questions! Of course, the body is a system, so elevated skincare goes really well with clean food. Many people reach out for guidance in this area, and I’m here for that, too. Health (and healing) is the whole body, mind, and soul.