Grounding Products for Healing Dis-Ease and Reducing Inflammation
Elevate your wellness journey with accessories that connect you to Earth's natural frequencies.
  1. Earth Runners Chronos Sandals

    Earth Runners are pioneers in the grounding footwear industry. Each sandal features a copper rivet and stainless steel thread, designed to conduct the Earth's natural frequencies directly to your bare feet. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, you can also transform any shoe into a grounding one with their Earthing Shoe DIY Kit.

  2. Astara Sahara Blue Apatite Sandal

    Astara offers not just sandals but a harmonious experience with Earth's healing energies. Each sandal in their collection incorporates different healing stones like black onyx, rose quartz, blue apatite, and clear quartz. These sandals are so elegantly designed, you could even wear them on your wedding day to stay grounded.

  3. Earthing Universal Mat Kit

    Earthing specializes in products that allow you to ground yourself without even needing to step outside. Founded by Clint Ober, the brand has identified numerous healing benefits of earthing, such as reduced inflammation and improved sleep quality. Their patented, peer-reviewed products bring these benefits right into your home.

  4. Good Earth Maui Sandals

    Handcrafted in Hawaii, Good Earth Maui Sandals use vegetable-tanned leathers available in a spectrum of colors. These sandals forgo the need for copper rivets or specialized soles, offering a natural way to stay connected to the Earth.

Note: While the information in this article is meant to be informative, they are simply opinions and we always recommend consulting with your personal practitioners, doctors & guides.